French history for a public audience                         

Violence in Paris

On 5 June 2013, young antifascist Clement Meric died following a fight with apparent fascist sympathisers in the centre of Paris.  Read my article about the incident in History Today, and how it compares with past political violence: The Death of Clement Meric Foretold.

                            The French Presidential Election, 2012

Marine Le Pen with her father Jean-Marie

In the French presidential elections of 2012, the Front National, led by Marine Le Pen, once again attracted much media attention. Read my article in History Today, ‘The Shadow of the Dark Years’, on the history of the French extreme right.

                                Welsh soldiers of the Great War

As part of the Welsh Voices of the Great War Online project, I was asked to comment on the postcards sent back home to Wales by Welsh soldiers. Read my article, ‘Postcards from France’, here.